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xvpappliance is a small self-contained virtual machine, that can be imported into XenServer or Xen Cloud Platform. It includes xvp, xvpdiscover, xvpviewer and xvpweb pre-installed, and has a menu-driven interface allowing all of these to be configured easily. It has built in scheduling facilities for checking for software updates and changes in pool memberships.

Users can manage virtual machines by pointing their web browser at the imported appliance. The administrator of the appliance can reconfigure it, as necessary, via a simple menu driven interface, that can be accessed from the xvpappliance console or via ssh.

For most people, installing xvpappliance will probably be much simpler than building, installing and configuring the individual components separately.

You can download xvpappliance as a complete virtual machine in XVA format. Alternatively, you can build your own appliance from the various components.



The appliance does not support all the possible configuration options of the individual components, nor all the features of applications like XenCenter. In the current release, the following features are not available:

Related manual pages:

xvpappliance (8)

Comparison with XenServer Web Self Service:

  xvpappliance webss
Appliance operating system CentOS 5 64-bit CentOS 5 32-bit
Appliance web server Standard Apache 2.2 Custom Python 2.6
Supported XenServer versions 5.5 to 6.2 5.6 to 6.1 *
Supported Xen Cloud Platform versions 0.1 or later
Active Directory (AD) Integration ✓ (via Apache) ✓ (via XenServer)
In-situ operating system and application updates support
Role based access control ✓ (with/without AD) ✓ (only with AD)
Group virtual machines for access control
Live migrate virtual machines between server hosts
Create, delete and revert to virtual machine snapshots
Boot and resume virtual machines on specific server hosts
Boot virtual machines in recovery mode
Also available as separate open source components

* Citrix retired Web Self Service at XenServer 6.2.0.